The word blog comes from the phrase web log. Its importance cannot be overstated! If you or your company don’t have one, then contact me without delay (I write them and advise companies on them) – here’s what a blog can do for you:

  • it is more personal than other copy on your website – it breaks up the more business-like elements, and provides useful ‘light and shade’ to your site to keep the reader engaged and coming back for more;
  • although it is less formal and can come straight from the heart, it can be directed towards products, events or actions – telling a story can be a much more efficient way of persuading someone to do something than a request or a command;
  • the blog can introduce new ideas that may otherwise be hard to swallow for readers in a much more natural way – and once they have been persuaded you can point them in the direction of other pages you have that could help them;
  • blogs show fresh content – proving you are an up-to-date business who has their finger on the pulse and can be agile in reacting or adapting to new things – via the blog

I blog on internationally respected websites – such as my recent Food Dive article:

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