Direct mail

Direct mail is one of the few promotional methods where the results can be measured directly and precisely. You track the mail sent, and you record the engagement, sales rises and clients coming back. You know the cost of the campaign, and you take this off the new business flooding in to calculate your profit.

If you’re reading this and wondering ‘how can I get more sales?’ or ‘how can we reconnect with customers who have forgotten about us?’ then you may benefit from a direct marketing or email campaign.

Anyone can write a letter, but to get maximum bang for your buck, you need a letter and a campaign which is smart, targeted, emotionally intelligent, captivating and a whole range of other things which will help your business. Many stop at a one-pager, without realising that clients love to be spoken to directly and have you write a two or even three page letter to them.

It doesn’t have to be a hard sell, in fact it shouldn’t be – you should be solving their problem for them, and showing how you will make their lives better. Contact me for more information.

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