For a business that doesn’t have the time or an experienced writer, a newsletter can be difficult to make and maintain – and is often left out of the company’s offering. This can be a mistake; newsletters can be for either clients or customers (it’s best not to mix the two audiences in one newsletter) and they can serve many functions, such as:

  • Inform customers about new products;
  • Let staff know about company strategy or great new wins;
  • Entertain and educate people with interviews with colleagues or influencers;
  • Show your business in a great light by covering events and sponsorship stories
  • Give a roundup of new appointments, retirements or promotions;
  • Show staff how they fit into the organisation as a whole
  • Show customers your great set of results and achievements

You can also add a lighter element to newsletters if appropriate by adding in caption competitions, crosswords and interviews with key people from inside or outside the business. Editorials could be written by the boss or senior staff. In the hands of a great copywriter, a regular newsletter can make a big difference to the profile of your brand, and the engagement you get from both staff and customers.

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