Competitor analysis

To compete (and win) against your competitors, you need to know what they’re doing. Want to have the edge over your nearest rivals? If you don’t know what they’re writing about, talking to customers about, and being talked about for, then contact me today using the details at the bottom of the page, and I will send you an example report.

I can give you a snapshot of your competitors’ online and offline offering. Find out what their social media feeds are saying; learn what have been the positive and negative issues which have dominated their business over the past 3 months; and discover who their biggest clients are.

Note: this service can also be focussed on your own website and collateral, enabling you to have a third party expert view on the strengths and weaknesses of your business from a copywriting perspective.

I look at:

  • Your competitor’s website – their copy, images and Search Engine Optimisation. What quick wins can you add to your website that they are already doing? Have you used the same keywords on your page or are theirs better? What white-papers or thought leadership topics have they poste about recently, and what sort of engagement have these created from their customer-base? Not happy with the articles on your own website? Then ask me about my bespoke article writing service.
  • Your competitor’s social media posts – their analytics, impressions and content. Not sure what to post on your feeds? Let me know and I will suggest keywords to use, topics to tweet about, and tricks of the trade you can use to boost your followers and client engagement.
  • News summary of the client, their recent announcements
  • Web mentions of them – what does their Wikipedia page say? Need help editing or creating your Wikipedia page? I offer this service too, including advising on what keywords to pepper your entry with, how to properly cite each text either in HTML or by using their Cite tool, and how to rewrite unclear or uninspiring copy to draw in the reader and get them to keep reading.
  • What about their hard-copy collateral? Do they answer the same questions that yours do? What style of imagery do they use?
  • Everything packaged up in a useful easy to read document – with a one-page summary and a longer analytical report.


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