Product descriptions

We all read them, perhaps hundreds of times a month – those pieces of text that describe a product you like in glorious detail, dripping with superlatives and oozing with benefits for you the lucky customer. most importantly, they give you that little nudge needed to move from being very interested in something to actually becoming a purchaser. Thus they are extremely valuable in the world of ecommerce, and they must be written as professionally and effectively as possible. Product descriptions really can make the difference between your product being a flop that nobody has heard of, and a bestseller that’s trending all over the place. It is NOT about using jargon and sales speak to sell an otherwise normal product – it is about letting a truly great product shine and sell itself.

Dull text will not inspire and it will not convert interested people into buyers. Here’s a case in point:

Bad: “Our earbuds provide great sound quality and are waterproof too, as well as being very comfy to wear. Try them out today.” You may as well write that they are just another pair of earbuds like all the rest, and they aren’t really unique in any way.

Good: “These earphones are guaranteed to provide you with superb, immersive sound quality with resonant bass and an ultra clear high frequency range. Ergonomically designed for long workout sessions or for travelling, they are also IPX4 waterproof certified so you can jog in the rain or listen to your favourite music in the shower. Experience them today.”

I can write bespoke, highly effective descriptions for you, or review and edit your current descriptions. Contact me today to find out more.