Search Engine Optimisation

Understand Google – beat the algorithm and boost your page ranking with my hints and tips. But what many people don’t realise is that SEO also helps make your page more friendly and useful to the reader – by ensuring links work and take you to the right place; images are tagged and captioned properly; and headings are helpful and relevant. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO or how search engines in general operate, you can do a lot worse than visit or subscribe to one of the journals the topic, such as the Search Engine Journal.

Did you know that ranking at position 1 on the Google results page brings you on average 38% of the clicks for that topic? Position 2 gives you a much reduced 18%. But appear on results page 2 and you’ll be lucky to get 1.8%.

One of the best ways to improve your page ranking is to put more and better quality text on it – written with the ‘seed’ keywords in mind, phrases your customers might use, and an awareness of which phrases and keywords your competitors are using.

I provide a specialised competitor analysis service where I analyse the content and keyword strategy of your competitors, then tailor your web or other content to take advantage of what they’ve missed out – or add terms which work for them to your copy.

Any articles that are on your website or pieces of thought leadership should also be optimised for SEO. You can read more about how to make articles SEO-friendly by reading what publisher Wiley say on the subject.

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